100% Pure Organic Hill Farm Colostrum

Trusted by holisic vets

Nature's most powerful supplement


Colostrum is the pre-milk all mammals produce for their new-borns to set up the immune system and the gut biome. The health giving properties of colostrum have been known and appreciated for thousands of years.

Colostrum is packed with:

  • Immune factors and PRP's that rebalance and restore the immune system
  • Growth factors to repair damaged cells
  • Lactoferrin which has powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties.

Happy pets - Pay less for vets.

  • Birgit Ahlemeyer Holistic Vet

    This is the purest and most effective colostrum. We've been using it for over 3 years to great effect and highly recommend it for a wide range of ailments.


    My cat was very poorly, and a friend recommended I try him on this wonderful product RunFree .. He now has a new lease of life.. more mobile, with a reduced bloating to his tum... So I decided to try it for myself.. We have both been taking it for 3 mths ..I have increased energy and my IBS symptoms have almost disappeared! ..
    ... I highly recommend you try it for yourself!!


    May was extremely subdued,no enthusiasm,and seemed tired very quickly on a short walk. She has now been taking it for seven weeks,and the difference is astonishing! Everyday we could see a difference. She now comes and gives me a push for her walk,runs around,even looks,and fetches a stick, unbelievable! It has been the best thing we could have done, giving her the capsules. Fantastic results!